Talent Development

Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC fully believes that the success of the company is determined by the men and women who comprise it. In this regard, the company takes great pride in the exceptional individuals who are part of the organization. Once here, employees have exceptional opportunities for growth and development throughout their careers. Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC strives to help each and every one of its employees reach their full potential and career goals.

Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC provides in-house training on professional topics, technical skills and leadership competencies. With over 1,000 courses available in the areas of business skills, desktop training, IT skills and a variety of certification prep courses, Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC provides employees learning opportunities and an extensive library of e-learning offerings that can be accessed via desktop.

Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC offers employees many opportunities for growth through project work, domestic and international job rotations and enhanced job responsibilities. Building impactful relationships at our many in-person courses or events provides other opportunities for employee growth.

As part of the quarterly check-in process, new employees will meet with their manager to discuss progress toward annual priorities, create learning and development plans, and discuss personal career goals. The check-ins encourage employees to drive toward continuous improvement, receive coaching, feedback and recognition.

Employees receive 100 percent reimbursement up to $5,250 and 75 percent reimbursement in excess of $5,250 (less any funds received through scholarships/grants) for the cost of tuition, labs, and books upon satisfactory completion of an approved course of study.