Doing Business with Nefgard

Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC values strong, long-term relationships with its suppliers, customers and partners. This is reflected in the fact that many of its relationships have lasted decades.

Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC seeks to identify acquisition, joint venture and/or partnership opportunities that maximize the value of Nefgard's existing core assets and also expand its reach into new growth areas where its technical, financial and operational strengths can play a meaningful role.


Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC is interested in reviewing quality acquisition and partnership opportunities. Please contact Nefgard Refining and/or direct any inquiries to

Crude Oil Opportunities

Nefgard Refining actively seeks new sources of crude oil for its refineries. To solicit our interest in your supply of crude oil, please contact or visit Nefgard Crude Oil Supply, LLC.

Tank Rental

Nefgard Oil Refinery LLC seeks acquisition and rental opportunities involving quality storage properties within its geographic areas of business. To solicit interest, please contact